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[ 18 Jun 2012 | No Comment ]
Using EI In The Legal Profession

For all the benefits have emotional intelligence appears to have it is surprising that it is not used as often as we may think in many professions however it is starting to be used more and more now in the legal world and many firms are looking at EI as well as IQ and qualifications when formulating their opinion on a potential employee. What we need to do is find out what emotional intelligence is and how it can be used effectively in the legal profession.

If you have ever made a judgment based on the feelings and emotions of others then it is safe to say that you have a reasonable level of emotional intelligence. This is what it is all about; recognizing, analyzing and then acting upon the emotions and feelings of other people. So this can mean taking a decision in the workplace based on this or taking a course of action based on a client’s emotions. The fact that you recognize them means that your EQ level is quite high. In fact, it is not all based on you perceiving others and much of it is also your own emotions and keeping these in check will still thinking calmly and rationally.

Using an emotional intelligence (EQ) site can help you judge how much EQ you actually have. Perhaps the one thing that many people do not understand about this is that EQ can be developed and learnt whereas your natural intelligence – usually referred to as IQ – is much more static. Having emotional intelligence can be great as a lawyer as it means you can still make rational and logical decisions – even in emotionally charged environments – while still emphasizing with your clients too and it is certainly becoming something that a lot of law firms are now looking out for.

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[ 19 Mar 2012 | No Comment ]
Different Types Of Bankruptcy

Dealing with bankruptcy is an incredibly difficult process and the outlook for your financial future is very dire regardless of what level of bankruptcy you actually file for. Many people believe that bankruptcy itself is just one umbrella term however there are actually different elements to it, some better than others and some that actually allow you to find the means to come out of it.

Straight bankruptcy is the worst kind. Essentially this means that you are defaulting on all your debts, have no means in which to pay them back and do not look like doing so for the foreseeable future; what will happen here is that you assets such as your home or your car will be repossessed and sold off to try and service some of the debts that you have created. Your long term credit score and financial outlook here are very poor and it should really be used as a last resort for many people. An alternative does exist however.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy works in the same way that a company would go into administration. Basically you are asking the companies that you owe money to to re-service your debts and create a new repayment plan that you can actually afford or risk going into straight and complete bankruptcy and them not getting much, if anything, at all. Under this scheme you will get the chance to extend the repayment plan and also prevent a creditor from calling in your whole debt at once. This is a great option for those that have a steady income but have let their debts and payments get out of control and allows them the opportunity to create a totally new repayment plan and also be able to pay off their debts and get on a much better financial footing.