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[ 22 Dec 2012 | No Comment ]
Training Options for Better Legal Negotiations

Legal negotiations take a bit of training for professionals. In order to perform effective negotiation, you have to know how to effectively negotiate and get results that your clients as well as the other parties are satisfied with. There are many schools today that offer negotiation training that can help attorneys to better resolve issues between individuals and businesses.

Not all conflict is bad and many will find that resolution is sometimes not possible outside of court. Collaboration however, is often possible and with the right negotiation techniques, an amicable solution can be found often without having to go to court. Both parties must first agree to a negotiation attempt and you should understand that some cases are simply not feasible for negotiation. There are many however that can save time and money by simply negotiating outside of court as opposed to spending many days or weeks and hundreds of dollars on court and attorney fees.

Learning to effectively negotiate is something that all attorneys should strive to do. During a collaboration process, both parties need attorneys who are trained in negotiation. Knowing how to be an effective litigator is a good thing but this is not a skill that is needed during certain cases. The best collaborative lawyers are those who can negotiate to keep their clients satisfied and ensure that the other party is happy with the result as well.

Many online courses offer training in negotiation that can be very beneficial both to attorneys and to their future clients. While most attorneys learn a bit about these practices during their actual schooling, additional training helps them to deliver much more effective results during certain cases. A bit of research will show you what schools offer this training and how it can help you to be an effective negotiator in the future.

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[ 31 Oct 2012 | No Comment ]
How to Get a Paralegal Degree

If the topic of criminal justice has always intrigued you perhaps it is time to pursue a degree. Of course, if you want to become a lawyer you will have to study law school for between 7 and 10 years. Typically, acquiring the degrees necessary to become a certified lawyer will take a very long time. Additionally, you will have to pass all of your exams and pass a bar exam in law. However, if you do not want to study in law school for 7-10 years you can take another route to becoming a lawyer.
Some lawyers never even attended law school. The rules for becoming a lawyer vary from state to state. However, the majority of states will have a general bar exam that anyone can take. If you pass the exam you are qualified to be a lawyer. However, before you can take the exam you will have to study law in a law office or school. Studying in a law office means to study law under the supervision and guidance of an official lawyer. You will have to study at a law office for a certain period of time before you can take the general bar exam. For example, in California you will have to study law at a law office for 4 years and take an exam after the first year – if the exam is passed you will be credited for completing law school.

So instead of spending all your time and money into studying law at law school look for law office training instead – you can get a degree much quicker than if you were to continue studying at a law school. Of course, you will need to make sure that your state allows law office training some states do not allow acquiring your paralegal degree through a law office.